LOHOME 3D Gelatin Art Tools – Set of 10-pieces Jelly Cake Stainless Steel Needles Coming with One 10ml Syringe – Pudding Pastry Nozzles (Flower Shape 7)


Steps for Make Beautiful 3D Gelatin Flowers:
– 1.Melt the jelly powder and sugar in the hot water,let it cool down
– 2.Wipe proper amount oil on the lining of the gel cup
– 3.Pour the jelly and sugar water into the cup,put in the refrigerator more than 4 hours
– 4.Boil the coconut milk,sugar and gelatine powder,divide into several parts
– 5.Put different color of edible pigment into the mixed coconut milk
– 6.Take out the jelly from the refrigerator,dig a scoop jelly from the bottom
– 7.Extracting some deep color mixed coconut milk,put on the tool that for pistil
– 8.Stick the tool into the jelly,inject the mixed coconut milk
– 9.Clean the tools,change the red,pink,or purple color mixed coconut milk and the tool for flower
– 10.Create your own shape flower as step 8
– 11.Clean the tool,extracting green mixed coconut milk,put tool for leaves on the syringe
– 12.Repeat step 8
– 13.Pour the rest mixed coconut milk into the cups,put the cups in the refrigerator for 1 hour
– 14.Take out the cups,separate the jelly cake from the cups gently

Maybe You Feel Difficult And Troublesome To Make Gelatin Flowers Ever, But Now, You Don’t Think that, Because You Have Owned LOHOME 3D Gelatin Art Tools Which Let You Enjoy The Pleasure Of Handmade.

Eager to Display Your Handy Talents, LOHOME Jelly flowers Nozzles are for you. Don’t Wait, Scroll up and CLICK the “ADD to CART” Button NOW!

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If you need more infomation about how to make 3D gelatin flowers, please feel free to contact us to get FREE PDF document.
PROFESSIONAL PICTURE EXPLAIN: Many people want to know how to make the Jelly cake with many such lively images, here we have enclosed some pictures to demonstrate the steps of making beatutiful 3D jelly cake. Very simple, use it without difficulties, Fit for professional use or home use.
SET INCLUEDS 10 DIFFERENT DEEDLES + 1 SYRINGES: 10 different needles used for creating a lot of kinds of decoration. 1 Syringe is essential for each Nozzles, Only combine these two sets of tool, you can make unique mould FASTER and EASIER.
STAINLESS STEEL GELATIN ART TOOLS: The tools made of food grade stainless steel, won’t bend over, break up or rust and not like the other sellers. It’s seamless, so it’s very easy to clean. Store these tools in a dry place after washing to increase of service life.
DESIGN A WIDE SELECTION OF FLOWERS: Rose, chrysanthemum, magnolia, iris, althaea rosea cav flower shape, and etc. Choosing suitable tool by your favor, and select specific color to make creative 3D gelatin flower. Perfect tools for whom love to create tasty homemade goods to eat but also love art as well.
WARRANTY: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 180-Day Limited Product Warranty. If you have any issue with your product, contact us and our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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