Silicone Kitchen Tools utensil set(Safe – 1Spoons, 2Turners, 1 Spoonula / Spatula & 1 Ladle )Baking Set Cooking – Whisk, Brush, Spatulas – Cooking Utensils Mixing utensils Spreading utensils(Red)

All-in-one Kitchen Utensil Set
Trust every dish with this 5-piece set, which features durable silicone utensils with sturdy stainless steel frames-perfect for swiping mixing bowls completely clean, whipping eggs, stirring sauces & crafting incredible culinary masterpieces.
5-piece set includes:
◎Basting Brush
◎Small Spatula
◎Large Spatula
◎Turners★Safety:All utensils are heat-resistant to 445°F, 100% BPA free, and FDA certified. In fact, these utensils are as safe as a baby’s pacifier. It’s made out of LFGB qualified Silicone to ensure the safety and health of you and your family. Additionally, each utensil is coated in a soft silicone layer, which is guaranteed not to scratch or damage your other precious cookware.
★Convenient:Tired of endlessly sifting through kitchen drawers to find the right utensil for the job at hand? Then you will sure be glad that all tools featured in this set are equipped with a hanging loop for convenient storage. Ideal for use with all types of cookware and bakeware, including glass, porcelain and nonstick surfaces. Even better, all utensils are dishwasher safe. No dishwasher? No problem-all utensils are covered in nonstick silicone for your washing convenience.
★What are you waiting for? These utensils are a must have for your kitchen. Their convenient hanging loops will save you time looking, their nonstick surface will save you time cleaning, and their affordable price will save your wallet those few extra bucks for that relaxing vacation we all know you deserve!
★Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with our product, we will provide a full refund. However, our professionally engineered silicone products are one of the most durable and heat resistant cooking utensils available. Buy them and see for yourself!

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